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About Congenital Heart Defects

During pregnancy, women are offered an ultrasound scan between 18-20 weeks. Sonographers typically perform this scan, and they will check your baby’s heart (in addition to gender and other anatomy). If your baby has heart problems, this scan is the best time to detect those and some parents-to-be may find out their baby has a congenital heart defect (CHD). Tiny Hearts is training sonographers to more systematically detect CHDs in utero through training and education so parents and doctors can be more prepared at the time of delivery.

Helpful Organizations for Families

Over 2 million people are already affected by congenital heart disease in the USA. And every year another 28,000 newborn babies will be affected. There are many groups set up by families and friends of children and adults with congenital heart disease and they can be a place to find support, which includes answers to questions and sharing experiences.
Congenital Heart Defect Organizations

Questions to Ask Your Doctor or Sonographer

Is my baby's heart on the left?
Does my baby's heart have four chambers?
Does my baby's heart have two ventricles?
Does the flow of blood into my baby's heart look normal?
Does the flow of blood out of my baby's heart look normal?

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