Improving fetal heart imaging, one scan at a time.

Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease is a leading cause of birth defect-associated infant illness and death. Every 14 minutes in the US, a child with congenital heart disease is born. These infants can receive the critical, life-saving care they need immediately after birth if they are detected prenatally. Unfortunately, the majority of congenital heart defects are missed on routine prenatal ultrasound exams, resulting in delayed detection and treatment. Low detection rates have persisted despite nearly universal access to prenatal sonography and marvelous advances in imaging technology. Improving detection of cardiac defects has become an urgent priority for the prenatal diagnosis community. Tiny Hearts Project was founded to answer this call.


We envision a future when all sonographers performing fetal imaging are proficient in standardized cardiac screening, all infants with significant congenital heart disease are recognized during pregnancy, and these vulnerable infants, their mothers and families receive the best possible care at just the right time.


Our Mission is to increase the prenatal detection rate of congenital heart disease by promoting our vision and training clinicians in the use of evidence-based techniques for fetal cardiac screening.

Tiny Hearts Project Stars Strategy


Promote evidence-based, best practice standards for fetal cardiac screening, in collaboration with professional societies, accrediting and training programs.


Offer innovative, low cost training in screening techniques—both hands-on and multimedia—and ongoing mentorship, feedback and support programs to sonographers and physicians.


Raise awareness of congenital heart disease and the importance of screening quality among professionals, healthcare systems and policy makers, and families.


Investigate the best methods for screening, emerging technologies in fetal imaging, and novel strategies for training sonographers.


Engage practitioners, insurers, hospitals and families to improve the quality and value of prenatal screening for congenital heart disease.

For Healthcare Professionals

Training Opportunities

“Improved fetal cardiac screening is an urgent priority because prenatal detection directly improves outcomes for these babies. Tiny Hearts Project offers a proven solution to saving lives by offering low-cost, personalized training of the 5 essential views to sonographers.”

– Helena Gardiner, MD
Training Opportunities

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